Foot Massager For Heel Spurs

Plantar fasciitis exercises for heel spurs

Plantar fasciitisis quite common nowadays in majority of people. It is the condition in which foot has to suffer severe pain caused by inflammation of plantar fasciitis that are interconnected with heel bone to toes. The common symptom of heel pain is feltwhile stepping out of your bed and taking first step. The symptoms are very much common in people who are frequently running or jogging andhave weight issues. All those people who have to walk and stand all day long at job also suffer from it. The pain goes away during exercise but as soon as you stop, itgets back.It is difficult to predict how long the pain will persist even during treatment, however some foot spa tools and uses can bringshort term relief.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis your heel will feel burning and sharp pain. It will get difficult to walk and manage weight onyour affected foot. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatments available to treat plantar fasciitis. There are many ways to know about whether you are having plantar fasciitis. X ray and imaging test are two of the commonly used methods to diagnose it.Once you have been diagnosed with planter fasciitis you must have regular therapy for it. You might go for foot massage to begin with and avail some of the local foot massage deals. Have minor exercise. Here are some pain relieving stretches you can do at home.

Calf stretch                                                                    

Bend forward against the wall with heel on the ground and one knee straight. With another knee bent place the second leg in front. Stretch your heel cord and calf muscles while pushing your hips towards wall in exact manner. For at least 10 seconds, hold and relax on this position. For each foot repeat this exercise at least 20 times. You must feel the pull and stretch in calf.

Plantar fascia stretch

This exercise is practiced while remaining seated. Cross your foot over the knee of other leg. Grip the toes of your sore foot and gradually pull them to you in a precise fashion. If it is hard to spread your foot, cover a clothround your big toe to help jerk your toes near you. Place your other hand along the plantar fascia. The front should sense like a tight band along the end of your foot when stressed. Grip the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat this process for at least 20 times for each foot. This workout is best done at the sunrise before you standup or walk.

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are type of steroid that is helpful in treating flamation in body especially in heels. It can be directly injected to the affected area to reduce pain. The doctor may control the quantity of injections as large amount of steroid injections can cause the affected area to tear and result in flattening of foot and rise in chronic pain.

Practicing these methods will give you peace of mind as surgery may lead to depression and anxiety.


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