Download Dying Room Only Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Book 11 for free

Dying Room Only (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Book 11)

Kate Kingsbury

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 224

Publisher: Kate Kingsbury (September 29, 2013)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.9 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

The ELEVENTH book in The Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Series is now out as an eBook!

The Pennyfoot hides many secrets and its downstairs staff keeps a tight lip, even when the Edwardian aristocrats are spotted dallying with damsels in the boudoirs, or gambling in the forbidden card rooms hidden below the floorboards. Should now and then one of the hotel guests fall prey to a dastardly murderer, however, it is up to Cecily Sinclair to restore order before Scotland Yard steps in and shuts down her infamous seaside hotel.


Excitement abounds in the ballroom of the Pennyfoot Hotel when the Great Denmarric opens the doors of his magic box to prove he had made his assistant disappear. When he opens them again to reveal her return, however, no one is more surprised than the magician to find the box empty. The assistant has vanished, only to turn up murdered. The constable has put the ballroom off limits, and Cecily has to find the killer before her guests start disappearing.

The twenty-first Pennyfoot book, MULLED MURDER, one of Kingsbury’s beloved Christmas editions, was published in November 2013 by Berkley Books.


"The author draws as much from Fawlty Towers as she does from Agatha Christie, crafting a charming…cozy delicately flavored with period details of pre-World War I rural England." --- Publishers Weekly

"Clever and cunning…Delightfully unique and entertaining. A most delicious teatime mystery with just the right atmosphere and a charming cast of characters." ---The Literary Times

"Combines the feel of an Agatha Christie whodunit with a taste of Upstairs, Downstairs." ---Cozy Library

"Kate Kingsbury is the Queen of English cozy mysteries."---Fresh Fiction


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