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Marrying the Mistress

Joanna Trollope

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 293

Publisher: Viking Adult; 1st American ed edition (June 5, 2000)

ISBN: 0670891509

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5.3 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

The most provocative novel yet from the author who writes grown-up books for grown-up people.

Joanna Trollope, whose elegant, gently provocative novels are becoming as beloved in America as in England once again "captures the poignant rituals of family attachment and detachment with delicious wryness and large doses of empathy" (Good Housekeeping).

What happens when the esteemed head of a family--an English judge, no less--announces he is leaving a forty-year marriage to marry his mistress? How do his grown sons feel? How do his grandchildren respond? And how is that crisis compounded by the knowledge that his mistress is no mere bit of fluff but a spirited, accomplished young woman who is--to their dismay--immensely likable?

Marrying the Mistress is quintessential Trollope with an added perspective: that of the men in a family and how they interact across generations. Here are sons who could envision themselves being tempted by their father's new bride; mothers who cling forever to primacy in their son's affections; teenagers with insights clearer than their parents'. In Marrying the Mistress, Trollope combines her trademark sensitivity with a new boldness and unsentimental honesty that make this book her most true-to-life ever.

Praise for Joanna Trollope:

"Like a good kitchen chat, Joanna Trollope's novels dish out equal measures of reassuring warmth and sobering insight.... [Her] gift is her ability to capture far-flung perspectives with compassion."--The New York Times Book Review

"Trollope . . . has a remarkable ability to penetrate her characters' humanity, to find their vulnerable inner core, without reducing them to sentimental stereotypes."--Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

"[Trollope's characters] all get their due from an author who sees through them without ever patronizing them." --Elle

"Her books are . . . readable without being trivial, accessible without being pat, psychologically astute without being labored."--The Wall Street Journal

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