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"…, it was amazing to hear conspiracy against survivors by a group of evils. Even, intellectuals of the nation were wondering how Al Muna and garbage trainers trained and converted Levil’s mind. Despite the shocking incidents and public clamor, Levil did not hesitate to work on human massacre. In a different occasions, he uttered, “I have received and observed the blue print of Rwanda’s genocide. When I compare it with our School of Death project, it was a mini incident. True, intermingled ethnic origins are segregated and the process of learning and teaching has already begun in the capital city. In the same token, in remote districts and provinces, ethnic cleansing has commenced and people are congested in their ethnic lines. Once the cleansing is completed, the ultimate goal of the School of Death will manifest the maximum capacity of death production.”

…, all residents of Kakuma refugee camp, including the dead are hereby informed that there will be a meeting on Sunday morning regarding the cloned, Mr. Levil, in the Horn of Africa….

…, there is a rumor that kidney market is flourishing as refugee population augmented. Brokers from Asia and Middle East are negotiating for a kidney at a price of $30,000"

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