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Snow in Winter

Margaret Bacon

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From the early days of her childhood in the Yorkshire Dales, Nell Thorpe learnt through bitter experience that she shouldn't allow herself to become reliant on any man. So when she meets Gregory Nansen on a skiing holiday, she refuses, despite her growing love for him, to sacrifice her cherished independence; marriage and children are clearly out of the question. But gradually Nell begins to wonder if there might be room in her life for a firmer commitment and the kind of family fulfilment her quiet, home-loving cousin Chrissie enjoys. But for both Nell and Chrissie life follows a different course from the one they had planned, a course which for both involves change and pain but, ultimately, growth.

Childhood experience made Nell decide she must be a career woman and never be dependent on any man. Doubt set in when she fell in love and began to think that there might be room for the kind of family life enjoyed by her unambitious, home-loving cousin, Chrissie.

For both women life followed a different course from the one that they had planned, involving change and pain but, ultimately, growth.

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