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Charles Edward Stacy was born near Dayton, Ohio, March 1873, and passed in the year 1926 in Long Beach, California. His last employment was with the Long Beach Municipal Band. These books were first published in 1916.

Besides trombone playing, Stacy had a passion for aviation and invented something to do with stick control for flying smaller airplanes. He was regarded by his peers as a pioneer in aviation.

These three marvelous books Stacy completed are now available in one volume. This will help perpetuate Stacy's legacy and keep trombone players all over the world improving their practice and quality of their playing for years to come.

It is my privilege to share them with you now.

Ira Nepus

The Sea, H.100: Trombone 3 part (Qty 2) [A5443] ending

Four Pieces Op. 40 for Trombone and Piano audio

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