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Tangwstyl: A Medieval Mystery

Mansel Jones

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Publisher: Goylake Publishing (October 12, 2014)


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About the author

Mansel Jones has been researching and writing about medieval history and the history of Kenfig for the past forty years. He is an acknowledged expert in his field and his views are sought by academics and universities. He lives near the abandoned medieval town of Kenfig, the inspiration for much of his writing. He is the author of A History of Kenfig, Pendragon and Tangwstyl.

Tangwstyl is a story of love and murder, of loyalty and betrayal. Set in the medieval town of Kenfig in the year 1399, the story centres on a prophecy made by Merlin and the birth of a girl, named Tangwstyl. Based on historical fact, Tangwstyl tells the story of King Richard and a plot to assassinate him, of Owain Glyn Dwr and his struggle for personal and national justice, and of the medieval Church and its desire to suppress all forms of heresy. Tangwstyl also tells the story of the common men and women of Kenfig, ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events, events that would alter long held beliefs and reshape lives.

The Prophecy: From an English Chronicle - The Welsh habit of revolt against the English is an old-standing madness...and this is the reason: the Welsh, formally called Britons, were once noble crowned over the whole realm of England; but they were expelled by the Saxons and lost both the name and the kingdom. The fertile plains went to the Saxons, but the sterile and mountainous districts to the Welsh. But from the sayings of the prophet Merlin they still hope to recover their land. Hence, it is that the Welsh frequently rebel, hoping to give effect to the prophecy.

The Main Characters

Euros - Euros is a lord who returns from a pilgrimage to discover that revolution is in the air and that the common men and women of Wales are poised to take up arms against the English Crown in their fight for justice. Born of an English father and a Welsh mother Euros must reconcile his loyalty to the English Crown with his love for Anest, a woman who believes in Merlin's prophecy and the need for revolution.

Anest - Anest is a healer. While the men and women of the castle indulge themselves to excess, Anest has to tend to the needs of the wider community. Despairing at the degree of suffering she encounters she realises that drastic action needs to be taken. When she is told of Merlin's prophecy - that the man who fathered Tangwstyl is to be their saviour - she sets out to find that man.

King Richard. Mistrusting his friends and suspecting his enemies, Richard is on his way to Ireland to quell a rebellion. As he journeys he discovers that treason resides at the heart of his court and that soon a usurper will claim his crown.

Owain Glyn Dwr. Loyal to the Crown, yet not welcome at Richard's court, Owain Glyn Dwr is made aware of Merlin's prophecy. Denied justice by the Crown, should he stand by the king or should he lead the rebellion?

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