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The Book: Potion, Pope & Perfidy

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Language: English

Pages: 471

Publisher: Russell Haggerty; 1 edition (December 1, 2012)


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A depressed detective, still in mourning for his murdered wife, stumbles into a money-laundering scheme when a book is sold to him by mistake at a library book sale. The intended recipients, a trio of drug dealers, try to find him and the book. He tries to unearth the mystery of how the book came to be at the sale. It isn't easy - the book is written in Latin and Greek.
The book itself, a 14th century codex, is obviously a priceless antiquity. However, as the story of the book unfolds, it slowly becomes clear that the book's value is more in its contents than its age.
The story behind the book's origins begins in 1347. Commissioned by Pope Clement VI at the request of his physician, Guy de Chauliac, it travels to Hibernia to be copied by a young Irish monk. Can the monk finish in time to apply its secrets? Is Guy de Chauliac correct about the book's usefulness? Is the detective's belief in the book's contents justified?
In an intricate tale that weaves back and forth between the middle ages and modern day America, a Greek physician's ancient formula provides the common thread that brings an unlikely cast of characters together.

I started writing this book eleven years ago. After retiring from computer software development, it was very appealing because the release levels of books don’t keep changing (or, at least, not very often).

Of course, life kept getting in the way.

Finally finished. The title was originally supposed to be ’90 Days Seamus Cash’ but I couldn’t make the story fit into 90 days, oh well. I also liked the simplicity of ‘The Book’ – until I discovered that too many others liked it as well. As with many books, this one didn’t get the title it has until I had considered a good many alternatives. Ultimately, focusing on what the book is about led to the use of key words - without giving anything away.

This is a history and a mystery for grownups. If you are looking for 'heaving breasts' you won't find them here. Yes, there is a little romance and even a bit of sex: consider it half a shade of grey.
This is my first work of fiction - well, some of my memos were fiction. My hope is that you will buy it, read it and enjoy it. I do intend to write a couple more books but after the hard scrabbling with Kindle to get this one published, the muse is cowering in a corner, so it may be a while.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me an e-mail. Since almost all my messages are spam, anything else will make a welcome change.

“I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it makes sense.”
Harold Kuchner

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