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The Lazarus Child

Robert Radcliffe

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Language: English

Pages: 450



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First published to worldwide acclaim in 1998, THE LAZARUS CHILD is the sensational breakthrough novel by Robert Radcliffe, writing under his real name of Robert Mawson. The gripping story of a family facing impossible choices following a tragic accident, the book was a publishing phenomenon, translated into over twenty languages, and selling over a million copies worldwide. In 2004 it was made into a movie starring Andy Garcia, Angela Bassett and Geraldine McEwan. This special edition of the book was revised by the author in 2011.

‘As taut and tense as a thriller. . . thought-provoking and often very moving’

Sunday Times

‘Demands to be read at one sitting’

Ireland on Sunday

‘Truly gripping, full of exquisite and intense nail-biting and stomach-wrenching tension’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Immediacy, economy, superb timing, and a gripping plot coming to a heartstopping climax’ Scotland on Sunday

‘Won’t let you go until the last page’


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